Video of Sea Turtle Nest – Surviving Despite the Oil Spill!

This is an absolutely stunning video.  A first hand account of conditions at the gulf, and a great description of what is involved in saving sea turtles.

In the midst of a tragic, monumental, catastrophic oil spill, a loggerhead sea turtle navigates its way to Orange Beach, lays its eggs, and dedicated volunteers care for those eggs through BP clean up crews, oil and even hurricanes to make sure these turtles have a chance.  What this video means to me: There is Hope! We will make it through this catastrophe and so will God’s creatures, with our assistance.

Oil Spill at the Beach: Links of Interest

If you are coming down and want to know more about conditions in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, I recommend the following links:

I can make no guarantees, other than that I am willing to provide refunds for those of you who go to the beach and find conditions completely unacceptable.  I do hope you continue to visit our area and enjoy the beaches as many others are still doing.  It is not your typical beach trip, but you can still have a very nice time, and may appreciate it more than ever before.

Beach Front Condos in Alabama – Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Vacation Home provides you with information on two beach front condos on the Gulf Coast.  One is a two bedroom, two bath condo in Gulf Shores, in Island Royale.  Built in 2002, with wi-fi internet, an indoor-outdoor heated pool, two hot tubs, and a nice location right in the center of Gulf Shores.

The other condo is a luxurious three bedroom, two bath, eighth floor unit in Escapes! To the Shores – a brand new high end resort in Orange Beach.  This resort features a 24 hour staffed desk, broadband internet, a whirlpool, large indoor pool, an infinity edge outdoor pool with kids play area, and a huge gazebo and grilling area.

Between our two condos we can house 14 people: 6 in Gulf Shores and 8 in Orange Beach.  We have something to fit your budget!

2 Bedroom Condo Island Royale
2 Bedroom Condo Island Royale
Escapes 3 Br condo in Orange Beach
Escapes 3 Br condo in Orange Beach

We will continue to develop this site with pictures and information, but for now, if you are interested in either of our properties, please visit our vacation home pages at:

Gulf Shores 2 Bedroom

Orange Beach 3 Bedroom