BP Gulf Oil Spill – A Summer Later

We can now officially kick-off summer at the beach, after Memorial Day weekend. Due to some lucky scheduling, I was able to go and stay at our Gulf Shores property over Memorial Day weekend, along with probably the most people I have ever seen in Gulf Shores (note: I have never been for July 4th). Here are my thoughts, a summer after the worst oil spill to affect Alabama beaches.

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August 2010 Opinion of BP Oil Spill Efforts

Since April 20, 2010, I have not stopped at a BP gas station. I have made hundreds of blog posts, comments, forum posts, calls to Senators, Congressmen, spoke to random people on the street, and believe me my wife has had her fill of my ranting about BP.

But I would like to now publicly give them credit. They are making good on their promises. They have been very fair to me personally. Am I angry at BP for what has happened? Yes. Of course. I hope and pray they have learned a lesson from this and will put their money into safety first, as in the long run their profits should be better from not having to make all these payouts. The worst of this is the still to be determined impact on wildlife. But dolphins, turtles, pelicans… they have survived, they are still down here. I am not trying to minimize the damage, untold numbers must have perished, and that is the sad part of this. But BP could have done much worse.

And, who knows, I may just start stopping at BP gas stations every now and then.

Video of Sea Turtle Nest – Surviving Despite the Oil Spill!

This is an absolutely stunning video.  A first hand account of conditions at the gulf, and a great description of what is involved in saving sea turtles.

In the midst of a tragic, monumental, catastrophic oil spill, a loggerhead sea turtle navigates its way to Orange Beach, lays its eggs, and dedicated volunteers care for those eggs through BP clean up crews, oil and even hurricanes to make sure these turtles have a chance.  What this video means to me: There is Hope! We will make it through this catastrophe and so will God’s creatures, with our assistance.

BP Oil Spill What Can We Do

Several weeks ago 2010 was shaping up to be the best summer on Alabama’s Gulf Coast in many years, perhaps a decade.  Both MyALCondo properties were booked solid through most of May, all of June and July, and even August to October reservations were coming in.  Then, April 20th.

4-20 is the Gulf Coast’s 9-11.

Only it has taken several weeks, and it started slowly, but keeps getting worse.  When will it end? Will it ever end?  Our lives have been turned upside down. Our favorite places are being destroyed, our cherished sea life may never be the same.  Cancellations have poured in.  This hurts financially, but emotionally it is a much worse hurt.  I can understand the cancellations but the pain in the gut from hearing people planning the trip to other beaches that are unaffected is difficult to control or deal with.

Will we get through this?  I hope and believe so, but it is hard to see.  When a hurricane closes the beach, you know you have to pull up your sleeves and work hard and open back up.  But there is nothing we can do with this. Volunteers are asked to report oil or animals.  That is all we can do, identify and report.  We can’t clean up, we can’t divert the oil, we can’t shut the well, thus we can’t do ANYTHING.

Wait, we must do something. We can ask our Congress to end our addiction to oil.  We must begin to support clean energy and conservation. It is the only thing we can do at this time. Please help by calling your representatives.