Huge Reductions on Summer Rates

While I am as upset as anyone about the oil spill and its environmental effects, and the effects on our economy in coastal Alabama, I think the drastic fear of coming to the beach is overblown.  The worst oil to hit Alabama happened around June 11th, but significant oil has been occurring off and on since around June 4th or so.  Since June 4th, our two properties have been occupied 100% through.  Not only have I had no complaints, I’ve had more positive comments than EVER BEFORE!  One of our vacationers wrote me today asking if they could stay an extra day (we granted the request with no extra fee) they were having such a great time.

I urge you to come on down, you won’t regret it, in fact I think you will enjoy it more than ever because you are now aware of the possibility of losing it forever.  All accounts are that the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach crews are outstanding at clearing effects of the oil when they do cause problems.

While all of my late June-July cancellations have been disappointing, we have filed claims with BP and are confident that our lost business will be reimbursed.  However, we are also trying to support the local economy by getting folks to the beaches by cutting our rates!

New rates on our 3 bedroom Escapes to the Shores property – any Saturday to Saturday stay is only $1,500 (previously $2,280 and up) – total with tax and fees is $1799.00.

New rates on our 2 bedroom Island Royale – any Saturday to Saturday stay is only $999 (previously $1500!) – total with tax and fees is $1210.00.

Please note that we are ONLY booking Saturday to Saturday stays and these are as low as we can go.  There is a lot of time put into booking these units and we have spent countless hours answering questions, and dealing with bookkeeping on the many cancellations we have received.  We encourage you to visit our shores but have to be realistic with our own time and effort.  So if you have not spent an entire week at the beach in some time, this is the year to do it.  Please contact us or call 205-915-7571 if you are interested in booking.

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